Social Monitoring Tools

A big part of moving a district into the world of social media is keeping track of what that brave, new world is saying about your organization.  By using social media monitoring tools (some free, some paid), you can automate or at least simplify the process of staying ahead of breaking news and digital gossip.

Free services and applications that work for small to moderate-sized organizations:

  • Google Alerts – scans the Internet for selected words or phrases and sends you messages
  • TweetDeck – gathers mentions from across the most popular social media sites and delivers to your desktop
  • HootSuite – monitors social media sites and allows assignment of response tasks to team members

One Reply to “Social Monitoring Tools”

  1. Thanks to NSPRA members for making this happen. It needs member input to make it even more valuable now and in the future. Spread the word about this new NSPRA feature.
    Rich Bagin, APR
    NSPRA Executive Director

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