Five strategies to grow your Facebook fan base

Whether you are launching a new Facebook page or running an established page, these five easy tips will help you grow your social media community at a steady pace.

1. Aim for two-way communication: Posting a photo, a video, a link, a survey or a question encourages fans to comment, share and explore your website. Use contests to engage your fans (“Guess how many classrooms the superintendent visited the first week of school”). The prize can be as simple as a school tour or a free ticket to a school play or sports event. Of all these strategies, photos rank number-one in boosting interaction.

2. Know your audience: Some school districts have a parent majority in their Facebook fan base. Others have mostly employee fans or a strong student following. Use Facebook Insights to understand the unique profile of your fans by age and gender, and post more of what they “like.”

3. Share breaking news on Facebook first: Tell Facebook fans they’ll be the first to hear breaking news like snow day announcements, then keep your promise. That will make Facebook the go-to strategy for folks who want to be in the know.

4. Post every day: Post twice a day, seven days a week. Research shows that frequent posting increases interaction. Recycling news items you distribute in other ways, such as podcasts and newsletter items, will ensure a steady supply of material with no added work for you.

5. Post during prime time: Statistics reveal that the best days to post are Monday through Wednesday. Facebook usage spikes weekdays at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Posts early in the day are “liked” more than later posts.

3 Replies to “Five strategies to grow your Facebook fan base”

  1. Thanks, Leslie! Thanks to your post I’ve started publishing to my district Facebook page more often, and I’m already seeing increased engagement in my insight numbers.

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