What is Google+, and Should Your Schools Be On It?

Maybe you’ve heard the chatter about Google+. This new social network is Google’s latest attempt to compete with Facebook and Twitter, and it might just catch on this time.

What’s Different About It?
Like Facebook, Google+ allows you to connect with your friends and family and share information, links, pictures and video with them. Like Twitter, it allows you to follow celebrities, public personalities and now brands. But what sets it apart is the way it lets you easily target your posts to certain groups of people, which it calls “circles.” Facebook has this function as well, but it’s simpler and more intuitive in Google+.

Who is On It?
While Google+ doesn’t have numbers like Facebook, it is growing much faster than Facebook or Twitter did. The early adopters of Google+ since it launched this summer are mostly young men. At first, men outnumbered women on the site by by as much as nine to one, but the number of women increased somewhat. Now, according to PCMag, men outnumber women on Google+ by a mere two-to-one ratio, and women are quickly gaining ground.

Should Your Schools Be On It?
Even though Google+ recently opened its platform for brands and organizations to create profiles, it might not yet be time for you to create one for your schools. Unless your communication strategy involves reaching dads on the cutting edge, this probably isn’t the place to spend your time and energy. However, it might benefit you to create your own, personal profile to learn your way around the new social network. That way, if Google+ really takes off and becomes a viable tool, you’ll be ready to jump.

One Reply to “What is Google+, and Should Your Schools Be On It?”

  1. That has been our approach toward adopting social media – someone (me) tries it out and develops a comfort with the tool. I have just created a Google+ and have been finding my way around thus far. It may be awhile before we use it for the school district however, as I’m not quite seeing the benefit yet other than it’s just another thing that takes up some of my day.

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