Don’t lose heart.

We all go through phases when the project list is so big we wonder how in the world we’re supposed to find time for social media. We may wonder if it’s really worth it. Am I getting a return on my investment?

The answer is yes. It is worth it. So how do we stay motivated? How do we get inspired?

  1. Remind yourself of the reason you do what you do. Perhaps you’re doing it because your boss told you to. This quick reminder could inspire you to keep on so you can keep your job. Maybe you’re participating because you need an outlet to respond to negative responses. Or it could be the perfect outlet to recognize and praise students and staff. Take a moment to assess the reason and see if it jumpstarts your productivity and creativity.
  2. Have a regular routine. Habits can be powerful things. It’s a proven fact that a habit can be very difficult to break. However in the case of social media, habits can be a good thing. If you develop the habit of checking your social media accounts, responding and posting during certain parts of the day, every day, you may find it much easier to schedule your time and ensure the accounts stay current.
  3. Develop a support group. It’s important to have friends and interests outside of your work as well as colleagues who can understand and support what you’re going through. They may be the ones to help you stay motivated and engaged.
  4. Look for opportunities to “steal” social media ideas from others. Be on the lookout and try new things you see working for others. Why reinvent a wheel if one already works well. If you have a competitive nature, this may be the perfect boost to your game.
  5. Follow the experts. Mashable and Social Media Examiner provide free updates daily. Use their tips, how tos, case studies, reviews and tools to inspire you through this drought.
  6. Attend a workshop or seminar. Fresh, new ideas generally come from attending workshops and seminars like the NSPRA seminar or your state chapter meeting, especially if you get to share it with colleagues. Use the time away to get refreshed, reenergized and geared up.
  7. Go to your “happy place.” Take a quick break and think of the place that just plasters a grin on your face. All the worries, stress and deadlines seem to disappear.

We’ve all heard the motivational quotes… Stay engaged. Persevere. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t lose heart. This too shall pass. Although we may tire of hearing these phrases, we must recognize the truth in them.

Good luck and press on!

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