Hello…Is Anybody Out There?

Other posts in this blog have addressed the various ways that school PR pros can set up schedules for updating social media channels, along with tools available to monitor social media activity. While attention has been given to strategies for responding to negative posts, some thought should also be given to how to respond to less volatile, but still important posts.

If your district has established a social channel, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other outlet, you should expect that random questions will be asked in those forums. These questions may be completely out of left field and have nothing to do with what you perceive to be the topic of the day. But, it is the most important matter on the mind of the person who posted it and as such, demands your attention.

The obvious first step is to monitor those social medial channels where your district has a presence. And that doesn’t mean just 8-5, Monday through Friday. Social media authorities repeat over and over that the busiest times for social media use are evenings, nights and weekends. Be sure to develop a plan that allows for monitoring for questions during those busy times.

If you have the answer readily available, just go ahead and answer the question. If you don’t know the answer, you can respond with that information. A quick response that may not have the answer to a question is better than no response. If you need to defer to the subject matter expert, at least let the questioner know that someone is working on their behalf and an answer is forthcoming…and then make sure it happens!

3 Replies to “Hello…Is Anybody Out There?”

  1. I receive an email (which is linked whenever anyone comments on our Facebook posts (including all of our school Facebook pages, of which there are 40+). It’s a failsafe for the schools, that I’m constantly monitoring these comments, but we do have to be prepared to deal with potential problems promptly!

    1. Amy, what do you use to get emails from your facebook pages? I think one of the main reasons school PR pros might not be answering comments is because they don’t get any kind of notification that there has been a comment posted.

      I know one way to do it is is in the facebook notifications area, where a page admin can set up email notifications for any of the pages they “own.” Unfortunately, that means you’ll also get an email for ever new “fan” and every new “like” as well.

      1. I have it set up in the admin section of each page that I’m notified any time anyone likes the page or comments on a post on the page. Of course, there are bugs and I don’t always receive notifications from FB, but generally, I do…

        It’s unfortunate to get the “so and so likes …” emails, but I just delete those when I get them.

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