Using Issuu to ‘Animate’ Your Publications

My staff at Southern Westchester BOCES and I discovered Issuu several years ago, and we have been using this tool for the districts we represent to “animate” their publications ever since.

issuu (Photo credit: ThemaTisch)

The reason? School district websites are already cluttered with PDF documents, forcing our readers to download documents to their computer hard drives and often to print them out. Why force readers to take those extra steps?

For most newsletters, annual reports, calendars and even Powerpoint presentations, we now provide our readers with two choices: to read the “animated” Issuu version of a document, or to download a PDF.

If they choose the Issuu version, your viewers will see a document with pages that can be turned as they’re read and tools that allow them to zoom in and out while reading.

Here’s how to use Issuu:

  • Create a free account for your district on Issuu.
  • When you’ve completed a newsletter or other document and have a PDF version, sign on to Issuu and look for the “upload” button.
  • Upload your PDF (it will take a few minutes to load).
  • Once you’ve successfully uploaded your document, it will appear on a virtual bookshelf in your Issuu “library.”
  • Cllick on the “open” button and your document will open for you.
  • Once that document is open, you’ll see a series of icons at the bottom.
  • Click on the < > icon, and you will see a long html embed code. Copy that.
  • Paste the html code on the district website page where you’d like your publication to appear, and you’re done.

To see Issuu in action, check out the White Plains Public Schools Issuu site. To view how it works on a school website, check out how we used it to display our annual SWBOCES Services Guide.


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