An evolution in reading and publishing…Scribd

Think of Scribd as a book club online where anyone can join a conversation on almost any topic. You can read, print, download and send publications to your cell phone from their site. Upload your PDF, Word and PowerPoint documents to share them with a very large community of readers.

Consider these five ideas for how this site can be useful to school PR staff, teachers, students and parents across the district:

  • News Clippings
    Like Shane pointed out in “Five ways your school district can use Pinterest,” you can use Scribd to feature your news clippings. Upload pdf or jpg versions of articles, adds, posters, banners, etc. to your account.
  • Resource for Teachers
    From essays, theses and homework to study guides, notes and quizzes, there are many resources available to aid your teachers in their efforts.

  • Share school publications
    From course offerings to manuals and handbooks, students and parents can easily access documents from your account. They can download, print, read and even share documents, saving you time and money.
  • Presentations
    Need to give a presentation on Web 2.0 and social networking? Maybe a grammer lesson on gerunds and infinitives? There are presentations you can use as inspiration in developing your own; or maybe you prefer to use their exact presentation. is another good resource for presentations.
  • Resumes
    College graduates and young adults are looking to Scribd as a place to store their resumes in addition to LinkedIn. This could be helpful if you also have human resources duties, need to hire a new staff member or explore various resume styles.

We’re always looking for new ways to use Scribd. Do you have any?

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About Melissa Baker Jenlink

Melissa Baker Jenlink is the director of communications and marketing for Autry Technology Center in Enid, Oklahoma. She is the president of Inspire Greater Enid, a professional organization for marketers and communicators in northwest Oklahoma. Not your typical marketing mind, she thrives on putting systems in places that will combine the creative and analytic mind. She loves to incorporate social media personally and professionally for the opportunities to connect others. She is a runner, Christ follower, and recent bride who is grateful for quality time with friends & family!

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