Learnist Grows as a Pinterest for Educators

I discovered Learnist recently, and since joining, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed puttering through it and learning from educators who are using the site with a vengeance.

Learnist works like Pinterest, and is another way to curate and catalog online resources on a variety of topics and share them with your social network. It looks like a virtual bulletin board with visual links, much like Pinterest, and it connects to your Facebook account. In fact, Facebook membership is required to use Learnist.

Currently in closed beta form, Learnist is primarily being used by teachers, college professors and other educators. These same users might be turned off by Pinterest’s wider variety of users and topics.

You’ll find boards on Learnist that include mythology, literature, the Common Core standards, the Pythagorean theorem, flipped classrooms and more.

Students also can create study boards on Learnist, and their boards will be seen by friends of their Facebook pages.

If you apply to become a member, know in advance that Learnist will take its time vetting your online activities and inviting you. I waited about a month to receive my invitation. But so far, it was worth the wait.

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