What Does the Upcoming Facebook Redesign Mean for Your District’s Page?

Get ready for the griping from your Facebook friends – another redesign is on its way over the next few weeks.

Facebook is promoting some features that should be good for your district’s page:

  • People will be able to look at different feeds, including a “following” feed. This one will show them posts by pages they follow, including yours. This might help you recapture the attention of followers who haven’t looked at your page in a while. If followers engage with your content in this feed, Facebook is more likely to show it to them in their regular feed.
  • Your photos, which are usually your most engaging content, will be more prominent.
  • When someone likes your page, your cover photo will show up in the post that appears in the feeds of that person’s friends.
  • Even the most change-averse folks on Facebook should find this change a bit easier because it will be familiar — the new design looks like the current design of Facebook’s mobile app.
image from Facebook Studio

One Reply to “What Does the Upcoming Facebook Redesign Mean for Your District’s Page?”

  1. Thanks for this, Nicole. I like the page feed idea but I am not sure how I feel about photos being bigger. I love to use photos with my posts but sometimes they already seem too large to me. I try to approach their changes with an open mind. With Facebook, we’re never bored, that’s for sure!

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