Social Media Sessions at NSPRA Seminar Will Take You to the Next Level

I admit it — I’m a nerd. I’m excitedly planning my trip to the 2013 NSPRA Seminar in San Diego and I’ve already printed out the NSPRA Seminar at a Glance document from the NSPRA website and started highlighting the sessions I want to attend.

Even if you’re not as big a nerd as I am, you can benefit from my geekiness. I’ve pulled out all the social media sessions for your consideration. It seems like this year, NSPRA is taking social media past the basics and up to the next level.

Saturday, July 6:

  • Pre-seminar workshop: “Rise of the Mobile App: Mobile App Strategy in School Communications” — Cody Cunningham and Terry Morawski

Monday, July 8:

  • “Beyond Twitter Basics: Developing an Effective Strategy for Twitter Success” ― Erika Daggett
  • “Policy Recommendations to Guide Social Media Interactions for Public Educators” ― Stephanie Smith, Ed.D. and Virginia Conover, Ed.D.
  • “Social Media for Schools: Diving Beyond ‘Should We?’ Discussions” ― Dustin Senger

Tuesday, July 9:

  • “Dynamic, Digital, Mobile School Communication: There’s an App for That!” ― Mary Todoric and Mick Torres
  • “Surviving Social Media Scorn: What To Do When Negative News Goes Viral” ― Laurel Heiden and David Richardson

Wednesday, July 10:

  • “Facebook Forward – Expanding to Your Schools” ― Lauri Pyatt and Elaine Watkins-Miller

2 Replies to “Social Media Sessions at NSPRA Seminar Will Take You to the Next Level”

  1. Just wondering are these conference typically always in July? I’d love to go to CA, but can’t get away in July or August months. Sounds like a GREAT conference though.

  2. Yes, the seminar is always in July. I encourage you to try to squeeze it in — I promise you will be so glad you did.

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