Getting Started on Instagram

While I’ve had a personal Instagram account for quite a while now, I’m just starting to explore the possibilities for an Instagram account for my district. This smartphone-based photo-sharing app is popular with both students and adults, but it’s just starting to become a platform for brands and organizations.

So far, we’ve found this is a useful tool for

  • Spotlighting school activities
  • Recognizing student and staff achievements
  • Announcing positive news
  • Showing sneak peaks and behind-the-scenes looks at familiar subjects

Here are the top lessons we’ve learned as we explore this tool for engaging our community:

  • Unlike Facebook, which publishes stories about interactions in users’ feeds, it is more difficult for Instagrammers to stumble on your account. This means you need to promote your Instagram feed more actively. 
  • You can connect Instagram to your district’s Twitter feed and Facebook page. It’s a little tricky to connect it to the brand page instead of your personal profile, but the business page on the Instagram site has good tips about this.
  • We tag our photos with the schools and locations where we take them. While we’re doing this, we check out the other photos tagged at our schools and hit “like” on appropriate photos from students, parents and staff. This leads active users to discover us.
  • We are looking for more ways to make our feed interactive. This summer, we plan to  try a hashtag photo contest.

Have you used Instagram professionally yet? Any tips?

10 Replies to “Getting Started on Instagram”

  1. Nicole,

    I have a question for you about getting started on Instagram with my school district. I’m an active Instagram user on my personal account and to my knowledge, and many colleague’s knowledge, it’s not possible to add another account to the same phone. Did you encounter this same dilemma? If so, how were you able to solve it?

    Thank you for your help! Great tips!

    1. Tara- You have to logout of your personal account, log in to the school account, etc. Unfortunately, you can’t be logged in to both at the same time like you can on the Twitter app.

    2. Yes, Tara – Amy is right. You have to log out, and it’s a fiddly, awkward process. Plus, you need to be careful not to post to the wrong account.

      1. Thanks for your help! Hopefully Instagram provides a different solution in the near future.

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