Connecting with District Retirees Through Facebook

We’ve found an interesting new way to engage and correspond with our retired employees by using Facebook. This summer, we plan to introduce something new and fun for our retirees – a private Facebook group page solely for them.

Currently, we are in the planning and development stages, but we will have the page up and running by late July of 2013.

In the Ritenour School District, our retired employees are an active group. They get together for lunch and dinner on a regular basis and many serve as tutors for our elementary school students. As of June 2013, we have nearly 500 district retirees in our database.

But, other than mailing them the district newsletters and the (sad) occasional funeral notice, we don’t take advantage of communicating and sharing the district’s key messages on a regular basis. Because of their connections within the community and interactions with each other, we are missing out on a key demographic. This will be a new way for them to stay in touch with the district after they have given so much of their life educating our children.

In addition to helping our retirees receive communication from the district, the group page also allows them to connect with each other like never before. They can plan get-togethers, share recipes, show off photos of their grandchildren and much more – the sky is the limit!

As a district, we can continue to share upcoming events, notices, and volunteer opportunities in real time.

According to surveys and online research of Internet users, those over the age of 50 have been using Facebook more than ever before. That is why we feel like this is such a great opportunity. Anecdotally, I can’t begin to tell you how many older long-lost aunts, uncles and family members I have connected with over the past few years via social media.

Our plan is for it to be a private group. We have begun asking recently retired employees to serve as moderators and approve requests to be a member on the page.

We will begin recruiting group members at our annual retiree breakfast on July 26 and the efforts will continue this fall.

We consider our retirees our greatest ambassadors and key communicators within the community. This summer, we hope to connect with them like never before.

It is not often we get to share the plans with you about social media initiatives on this blog, and I am anxious to see the results. I’ll be sure to update you in a future post about the progress of our new page.

One Reply to “Connecting with District Retirees Through Facebook”

  1. This is a really fantastic idea, Doug! I can’t wait to hear how it goes, because I think it would be a great tactic to add to one of my existing communication plans!

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