Something Lighter for Summer: School PR GIFs

Animated GIFs have become common for making a point on the internet. As we all pack our things for the NSPRA Seminar in San Diego (don’t forget to use the #NSPRASeminar13 hashtag!), here is a little animated commentary on school PR.

What I think when someone suggests we should “spin” a message:

What I think when an administrator asks to create a Facebook page for a program without starting with a communication plan:

What I think when I realize we published the wrong date for back-to-school night:

How I react when the board of elections says voters passed our bond issue:

What I think when a reporter asks me to say something “off the record:”

And how I feel when I’m going through the new NSPRA Seminar app picking sessions:

6 Replies to “Something Lighter for Summer: School PR GIFs”

  1. Love these! The Fallon one was my favorite. Great job and now I’m in the mood for #NSPRASerminar13!

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