Time to Remind: Spreading the Word on Social Media

You may post to your school Facebook page dozens of times a day, send the most creative and useful tweets, and have the most active Instagram account of any school district around, but that doesn’t mean that your community knows that. With new parents coming in and a summer lull about to end, it’s prime time to remind folks you are on social media.

Here are some tips to spread the word:

  1. Publications. Find ways to print and post details about your accounts. Our district will print its first back-to-school guide that will be given to parents at registration. I’m including an entire page on what social media we use, how we use it and ideas on how parents can use it.
  2. QR codes. This will target your younger, more techy crowd, but it will get them to your page. Include a QR code on your district brochure, the front door to your school, the back of your football tickets, etc. Put a catchy slogan with it to entice passerbys to scan it.
  3. Email signature. Include a link at the bottom of your email that links to your Facebook page or Twitter feed. Mine says “Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @HuttoISD.” Super simple!
  4. Like, follow and tag other well-read pages. The Hutto community reads a blog called “What Happens in Hutto.” And now they read the Hutto ISD page, because I frequently tag “What Happens in Hutto” in status updates, tweets and photos. The administrator of that page will share it out and spread the word!
  5. Use built-in tools. At the top of your Facebook page is a button that says “Build Your Page.” Click it. Then choose how you want to boost your likes. Hutto recently sent out an email to parents by importing a contact list. Simple.

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