Keep Social Media Thriving at the End of the Summer

While school is in session, it is easy to find content to keep users visiting school social media sites. However, the trick is to keep users visiting your page, even when school is out of session. Not having ongoing student activities can sometimes present a struggle for generating social media content. Here are some ideas to create content during the waning summer months:

  • If your district has a summer school program, posts photos or articles from these activities.
  • Did your district recently pass a bond issue or referendum? Are you opening a new building? Get people excited about the changes by posting photos or updates about where you are in the construction process.
  • Does your district put on any summer camps or host a summer library program? Promote these events by telling people when they are, explaining how to sign up and sharing photos of those involved.
  • Do you have a new superintendent, principal or central office administrator? Post a picture and short profile of individuals to introduce that person to the community.
  • Post reminders about school start dates, school supply lists, school physicals or anything else students in your district need to know to get ready for the start of school again.
  • To encourage parents to keep their children engaged over the summer, post daily educational activities. This can be science experiments or a link to an educational site with games. The point is to get students learning without them realizing they are.

One Reply to “Keep Social Media Thriving at the End of the Summer”

  1. The district I work with is doing a lot of these. Plus, our office spearheaded a summer book club, and we’re posting daily book recommendations tailored to kids of different ages. It was a fantastic project for our summer intern, who compiled the selected books from lists provided by our literacy specialists and librarians, and then wrote mini reviews for each book. We’ve gotten some positive feedback, including hearing the complaint that our local libraries are having a hard time keeping our book selections on the shelves! Check out our Facebook page:

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