Back-to-School Social Content

Wednesday was the first day of school in the Park Hill School District, and we’re taking advantage of the increased attention and excitement to engage patrons using our social channels.

On our Facebook page, we had a reach of 4,046 on our first-day photo album. We used the what-does-this-have-to-do-with-me strategy, going to every school so that parents and students would look for pictures of themselves and the people they know.


Yesterday, we posted our annual photo album of first-day photos submitted by parents, which is always a big hit.

On all our channels, including Twitter and YouTube, we have been talking about the summer preparations for the new school year. We also used Twitter to share a great story one of our local TV stations did on the first day.


And in our Instagram feed, we showed the same kinds of stories, but focused on middle-school students because this age group likes to interact on this platform.


What content are you using in your social channels to take advantage of the increased back-to-school attention?

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