Should you sync your social media accounts?

As if you had any time to spare, social media are adding to your list of daily duties.

So I can understand the appeal of simplifying your life by syncing your social media accounts. With one keystroke, you can send the same message out to your Twitter followers and your Facebook fans.

Here are the reasons I choose not to sync:

  • I tailor my content to the audience, and Facebook users are different than Twitter users. Generally, I tend to have more parents on Facebook and more students and reporters on Twitter.
  • Facebook and Twitter don’t play nicely with each other, so photos come through as links that require users to click through to the other platform. On Facebook, people love photos they can tag and like and comment on, and on Twitter, they want to see the photo embedded without having to click through to another program.
  • The style of writing users expect on each platform is different. Abbreviations that Twitter users expect and understand sound strange on Facebook. And while I try to write succinct captions, I prefer not to limit my Facebook posts to the number of characters left after including a link on Twitter.
  • Those users who follow you in both places find identical posts tedious. If I post about the same thing in more than one place, I try to put a twist on the content that is appropriate to each platform.
  • It really doesn’t take much more time to add something to another platform. We meet weekly to schedule our social media calendar, and we decide which content is appropriate for each site.

16 Replies to “Should you sync your social media accounts?”

  1. I agree with you! Three years ago when I first set up Facebook and Twitter, i linked them. i have tried in vain and searched the web for answers on how to ‘unlink’ them. if you have any guidance, i would appreciate it.

    1. I’m sure you’ve already looked in the settings, but if not, I’d look there. I think there is also a way to go through and manage the applications that connect to each platform.

      1. I finally found it! For anyone else out there with the same problem, you turn off access to Facebook from the Twitter Account Settings>Apps.
        Thanks for Apps hint. I had been looking all over settings, and mostly on FB.

  2. I love this post because it models the deeper level of thinking that we all need to be doing. We need to take in advice as information, and use it to inform intelligent decisions about what works best in our situation.

    Our district knew from early on that we needed to have some presence on Twitter, but that the most successful Twitter accounts represent individuals speaking with a more personal voice. After weighing the pros and cons, we decided that it didn’t make sense, based on our resources and audience, for us to devote that time and effort into Twitter. So, we decided to settle for automated postings from our website’s RSS feed to our Twitter account.

    Once Twitter grew a little larger, our spokesperson set up an account for herself, which she uses to engage with local media and to use that more personal voice that works well on Twitter.

  3. I agree, especially when it comes to the limited space on Twitter. We actually use Twitter to drive people to our Facebook account. Tease them on Twitter and give them the full story, with pictures, on Facebook.

    1. You might consider giving them a photo on Twitter so they don’t have to leave. Then you could see if you have an increase in engagement that way.

  4. Completely agree! Through my lens as a Twitter user, I will actually unfollow accounts that don’t post specifically on Twitter. I don’t want to leave my Twitter TL to go over to Facebook (or more recently, even Instagram). Especially when so many users are on mobile devices, it is very messy — my Twitter links open up in Safari, not my Facebook app, and the next thing I know I’ve lost track of all the apps I’m dealing with.

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