Five Things to Stop Doing with Your District’s Social Media

  1. Stop posting things people don’t care about. If your followers don’t respond to certain kinds of content, abandon that content in favor of the things they want to see. Use your likes, favorites, retweets and other insights to gauge their engagement.
  2. Stop posting things too late. There’s a reason Instagram has “insta” in its name. Social media users on all platforms expect immediacy, so post those photos the same day as the event, or at least the next day.
  3. Stop synchronizing your Facebook and Twitter feeds. I went into this in more depth a few weeks ago.
  4. Stop following everyone who follows you. Some might interpret your decision to follow or favorite an account as an endorsement by your district, so be selective. Businesses might do this, but school districts have to be more careful.
  5. Stop being so serious! The most successful social media accounts have humor and personality, so let your hair down a little (within reason).

4 Replies to “Five Things to Stop Doing with Your District’s Social Media”

  1. Yes on all of these! Especially my current pet peeve of having to click out of Twitter to see a FB post (or seeing sparse Twitter posts in my FB feed!). You’re making the social media world a better place with this post. 🙂

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