X Marks the Spot

In a previous post, Staking Your Claim, I discussed the need for you to make sure you’ve secured your district’s brand on different social media channels. Now it’s time to assist your fans in telling the district’s story through social media.

A popular pastime for social media users is checking in. Users can flag their posts with location information, announcing their whereabouts to followers. In the case of Facebook, when mobile users select “check in,” Facebook tries to determine where they are. Relying on GPS, cell tower and WiFi technology, Facebook offers up a list of nearby locations.

When it display results, the user can select a location and announce to all of their friends, fans, and followers how thrilled they are to be there. The trick for you is to make sure your district or individual school pops up in the list. And if it does pop up, that the information is correct.

By using the tools found on the Admin Panel of your page, you can review, edit and annotate the information associated with check-in postings. Key among these is having the right address listed. This determines whether your location shows up during the check-in procedure.

Again, if you haven’t established your official location, someone else may have started an ad hoc listing. Facebook does have tools to let you (as the authorized business representative) get control of those listings and even merge them with your official listing or delete the unofficial ones.

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