Streamline Your Life Using Twitter Lists

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by your Twitter feed these days?

Try creating Twitter lists, a great way to customize your Twitter timeline, follow conversations among people categorized by occupation, topic or relationship to you, and clear your Twitter “desk” in an organized way.

If you’re not using Twitter lists, you normally see the tweets of all the Twitter accounts you follow at once, and that can be overwhelming. By creating your own Twitter list or by following already existing lists, you automatically create or join a community of like-minded tweeps. The key here is that even if you join a Twitter list, you don’t have to follow every individual on that list, keeping your timeline a lot more manageable.

To create your own Twitter list, click on “Lists” in the drop-down at the top right of your Twitter home page. Choose “Create a List,” and then follow the steps. To follow a list that has already been created, visit the list on Twitter and click on “Follow This List.” (Try Googling Twitter lists and see what comes up.)

If you’ve created your own list, you can add people by going to their profiles and clicking on “Lists.” Check the box next to the List to which you’d like to add the individual.  While creating a list, you can decide if you’d like it to be private or public.

Here are some Twitter lists I follow, and others, all education-related, that I recommend. Have fun with these lists, and feel free to add more in the comments section here.

National Education Associations  (a Twitter list of 24 national education associations)

Education Media

NSPRA Tweeps (a list of 155 tweeting NSPRA members and chapters, organized by Nicole Kirby)

K-12 Schools on Twitter (A list of 242 schools on Twitter)

4 Replies to “Streamline Your Life Using Twitter Lists”

  1. Thanks for mentioning my NSPRA list! If any NSPRA members want to be included, just reply to this comment or tweet me (@kirby310).

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