Snow Drama

In the last few weeks, Doug Bray and Kala Morrissey provided great wisdom about snow-day social media, and I have to say I agree with them. Like Doug, we added hundreds of followers during the recent storms, and like Kala, we found it important to communicate early and often.

As I commiserated with my MOSPRA and KanSPRA colleagues today at lunch over the beating we are all taking from parents and students, I decided we could all use a little laugh at all the snow drama.

So here, for your amusement, are some of the best student tweets we received this week (names redacted, of course):

@ParkHillSchools we need another snow day tomorrow! I’m going to die if I have to wake up early!! Please cancel school xo

Don’t do me like that bb plz no skool @ParkHillSchools

@ParkHillSchools If you make me drive to school tomorrow, I will wreck and be stuck on the side of the road at -12 degrees

.@ParkHillSchools my fingers are delicate #coldday2014

Park Hill will be putting all of our lives in danger if they make us go to school tomorrow

@ParkHillSchools do you want to be the cause of my suffering tomorrow? Because I don’t think you want that on your conscience.

so if you could cancel it now when my moms in a good mood I may have a chance OF ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING TONIGHT @ParkHillSchools

Do you get some kind of pleasure from being the last one to cancel @ParkHillSchools ???????

Hey guess what…its gonna be cold tomorrow #hinthint @ParkHillSchools

@ParkHillSchools we can have a giant sledding party tomorrow if you cancel school

@ParkHillSchools cancel school because I can’t get out of my driveway

Don’t know how I’m gonna get to school alive tomorrow. Dangerous @ParkHillSchools

@ParkHillSchools plz cancel school tomorrow it’s my birthday

7 Replies to “Snow Drama”

  1. Ha!! This sounds exactly like the tweets we got from students when we didn’t cancel school when districts around us did. At one point, a student randomly tweeted that she wanted silly socks for her birthday and one of her classmates replied that he’d buy her the socks if @ClintonSchools canceled school. Of course, this was immediately retweeted by dozens of other students.

    Snow days are such a great study in the differences between social media platforms. The snow posts on Facebook were primarily from parents, and primarily with safety concerns. Nearly all the Twitter posts were from students, begging for a day off. What they had in common is that on both platforms, these messages went (locally) viral.

  2. I got this one from a student. “I can’t go to school tomorrow because our power is out and I will not be able to fix my hair. I can’t go to school with my hair a mess!” I like to have a little fun with the kids so I posted, “I will talk with the principal about setting-up a hair styling station. Have a great day at school!”

    Our following also takes a significant jump each time we have a major weather event. Keeping people posted on activities behind the scenes (meetings with public safety and emergency management) allows parents and community to track your system’s activities leading up to a storm.

    1. I had to resist a little snark in replying to some folks, but you walked the line of good humor gracefully. So like you, Tim!

  3. My best was when we went through sub zero temps and all of our schools in the state canceled for the cold weather for one day. The next day we had one very vocal parent lamenting about us deciding to open when it was still too cold. Her baby would be freezing of course and how dare we. As I dropped my own high school daughter off to school that morning, I saw the poster’s daughter get out of her car – she had opted not to wear a jacket that day AND had a frozen drink from Dunkin Donuts in her hand as she walked into school. So much for the evil school causing her to freeze! LOL

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