NEWSFLASH: Social Media is Changing The Way We Do Things

If you didn’t know already, social media is changing the way we do things in our daily lives. It’s not only changed how we communicate in our personal lives but also how we communicate in our jobs. Communication is much more face-paced. Users want information at their fingertips. They want to know what is happening in our schools today, not two weeks ago.

In honor of spring break (at least in our district), I wanted to share something lighthearted and fun. In a recent article for PR Daily, John Kultgen compares the then and now of changes in technology to show where we have been and where we are now. He identifies nine items that social media has made obsolete:

  1. The White Pages
  2. Disposable Cameras
  3. Walkie-Talkies
  4. The “Art” of Collage
  5. Camcorders
  6. Diaries
  7. The Yellow Pages

Think about it.  When was the last time you used one of these in a their traditional format? I certainly can’t remember when I did. If you haven’t used these formats in a while, your audience probably hasn’t either. If you needed an argument for why social media is important, there you go.

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