You Shared the Pain, Now Share the Joy

There have been plenty of posts in this blog about the need to be aware of social media traffic as part of brand management:

  • How to monitor
  • How to respond to negative comments and criticism
  • What process to follow

Another aspect, though, of knowing what is being said about your organization online is being able to share the good news. Yes, there are occasions where our audiences actually say good things about us. When that happens, shout a quick “hallelujah” and then retweet, share, post or use whatever means your channels of choice provide, to help spread the word.

Ashley blur Lydia blur 1 Nico blur

And, don’t forget to clip out those images and share them with others in your world who may not be following your accounts or be quite so tech-savvy. My superintendent printed a favorable tweet I sent him and had it framed for his office, shared it with the state director, and sought out the student responsible to thank him for his comment … a lot of goodwill for something less than 140 characters.

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