Prepare for Changes to Facebook Pages

If you haven’t heard, Facebook pages are changing…again. Pages have gradually been transforming over to a new look and feel and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. The goal with these changes is to make it easier for users and page managers to see the information valuable to them.

What will my new page look like?

  • The cover photo and profile picture will stay virtually the same.
  • The left-hand side will be reserved for information about a business (hours of operation, address, etc…).
  • The right-hand side will be status updates and comments from others.
  • Next to the cover photo will be a snapshot of that past week’s insights.

What do the changes mean for my page?

  • While Facebook changes sometimes mean that page managers have to learn how to navigate the new layout, it also is a good time to evaluate the information about your organization. It’s a reminder that we all need to make sure the most important information is highlighted on our social media pages.

What am I most excited about?

  • One change you can already see is in the pages overview section. Facebook now allows managers to create a “pages to watch” section. This allows you to create a list of pages similar to your own and compare the performance of the pages. This is a great way to learn useful tips on what works for other organizations.

We have signed up our District Facebook account to be switched over to the new layout but so far we haven’t been switched. Facebook is allowing some pages to be added to the waiting list. If you see a “join wait list” option at the top of the page, you have this opportunity.

To read more on how Facebook pages are changing, click here.

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