Image Excellence

Compelling, high-quality images make all the difference in whether viewers pay attention to your posts. And the better your images are and the easier they are to share, the more likely it is that someone will retweet, post, or share your content.


The Social Media Examiner provides a great resource, titled 15 Resources to Create Images for Social Media.

To summarize the key points:

  1. It’s a visual world — people expect to see high-quality images.
  2. Photos (free or purchased) are easy to find online.
  3. You can take better pictures by following some simple tips.
  4. Tools are available that can improve your images after the fact.
  5. Photos combined with quotes are very popular and generate increased engagement.

The recipe for social media success is equal parts creativity and technology. Taking advantage of these resources will ensure that your visitors enjoy what you serve.

2 Replies to “Image Excellence”

  1. My favorite source of free, no-strings-attached high res photos that are very often excellent quality: I would be lost without it!

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