Customer service is key, even on social media

Customer service is the root of PR.

Do you know who your customers are? Are they parents? Students? Staff? When we deal with them, do we do so with a smile? Whom do they come in contact with when they come to our schools? Does that person treat them with respect and kindness? We need to ask ourselves these questions to ensure our customers feel a part of the system. More pertinent to this blog, how do we deal with them on social media platforms?

It is easy to change your tone or slack on your customer service skills when you are not having a face-to-face conversation. It is important to remember, even when commenting, tweeting or sharing a photo, your presentation and response once it starts spreading, is equivalent to great customer service. Be helpful, positive and courteous. Share your message, but listen. Thank your followers, posters, friends and likes.

Hutto ISD reached out to fellow school PR pro Brad Domitrovich, from Georgetown ISD in Georgetown, Texas, who got us thinking about what customer service means to us and taught us some basic lessons on customer service, which we have been careful to follow on our social media pages:

1. Keep customers the priority: It’s important to make sure your customers’ needs are being met, especially on social media. Be sure to respond thoughtfully and completely.

2. Over-deliver when possible: Tone can come across in writing. Be sure your customers can read the smile on your face while engaged with you on social media.

3. Offer choices: Help your customers with their questions or concerns by offering several ways to communicate, providing several solutions or asking others to help.

4. Be access-approachable: Being on social media is a great first step to being accessible. Be sure you are approachable online. Encourage customers to engage, be kind and courteous and helpful.

5. Use logic, not emotion: It’s just as easy to lose your cool online. Remember, every customer deserves for you to pay attention and follow the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

4 Replies to “Customer service is key, even on social media”

  1. I would add, don’t be afraid to say “sorry.” When parents or other “customers” have technical issues with our Web site, when they can’t access information they need or otherwise post a question or concern, it can calm an angry person to start your reply with “I’m sorry it’s giving you trouble.” Then address the issue. Close with, “I hope this helps” or “let me know if there’s anything else you need.”

    1. I do agree that how you your tone to a person will calm them especially if they are already upset. sometime you can might thing worst on how we address a issue.

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