Has Your Supe Done the Ice Bucket Challenge Yet?

Unless you’ve been in a complete media blackout the last few weeks, you know that the ice bucket challenge to benefit ALS is sweeping social media.

This is a great opportunity to tap into a cultural moment and show how caring your boss is.

My superintendent’s video on our district Facebook page showed his daughter dumping a cooler on his head, while he stood below in his weekend casual T-shirt. My community got a glimpse into the man behind the title and how he is a family man and a good sport.

The post got 100 likes, and more importantly, it got a page reach of 4,308. People really wanted to see this side of him.

He challenged all our district administrators, and all the response videos from principals and their teams around the district are positively engaging our families.

10 Replies to “Has Your Supe Done the Ice Bucket Challenge Yet?”

  1. Our supt just got challenged by a neighboring district’s supt, who is also his mentor. We are hesitant about it, though, because of the possibility we may be “favoring one charity over others.” I do personally see the positive nature of showing a leader’s “caring” side, however.

    1. There are some grumps out there kvetching about this campaign, but it’s really a positive thing, and most people get that.

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