Three reasons you should be using Vine

While many prefer Instagram because of all of the nifty things you can do with it (clip editing, drafts, filters) and the extended time of the videos (15 seconds versus six for Vine), there is definite potential with Vine in your visual storytelling efforts on social media.

Here are three clear-cut reasons why you should consider Vine as a tool in your social media toolbox:

For Brevity
First off, it’s not like 15 seconds is that much longer, so let’s get over worrying too much about six seconds versus the 15 Instagram offers. But those working in K-12 education marketing are typically small shops, depending on the size of the district, and their roles span across the various tasks of marketing. Needless to say, I can already hear the groans from school marketers everywhere screaming “Not another thing to do!!” So, while a nine-second difference isn’t all that important, it is something. Vine also doesn’t have all the bells and whistles Instagram does. No need to complicate the process. Make your videos creative and interesting, but don’t get caught up on filters, editing and drafts.

For Visual Stories
Vine provides a nice, quick alternative to showcasing district stories through elements other than photos or long form videos. Vine is a quick way to live tweet graduation ceremonies, live tweet student or staff introductions, take people on tours of your facility, or showcase various projects around the school. There are so many exciting and unique ways to use Vine. Think of it as a storytelling tool that contributes to the chapters of your district’s annual novel.

As An Extension
Lastly, and most importantly, I would argue that Vine should be thought of as an extension of Twitter. One, Vine is the brainchild of Twitter, so the integration and sharing are seamless. Vines are easily sharable on Twitter, can be watched directly on Twitter (which doesn’t happen with Instagram videos or photos), and you can grab embed codes straight from your Vines and share them on other channels like blogs or even your website (yes, I know you can embed with Instagram too, but not from Twitter). If you are a district that has invested in Twitter as a communications platform (and you should), Vine is a must-have extension.

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