Making Twitter Management Manageable with Lists


Twitter is wonderful for everything from monitoring community chatter about your schools to sharing the great things going on in your classrooms. But cutting through the clutter can be a chore.

I use Twitter lists to make this easy, and when I combine the list feature with a great Twitter management application, it’s like a magic dashboard.

My application of choice is TweetDeck, but Hootsuite is also great (if you have other favorites, please share in the comments!).

I have one column dedicated to a standing search on the name of my district (“Park Hill”), so I can monitor what people are saying about us. This means I’ve learned a lot about a neighborhood in Denver and a housing project in Sheffield, England, which are also named Park Hill.

Then I have a column showing my “Park Hill” list, which has accounts related to my district, including teachers, coaches, schools, parents and a few students. I use this list both for monitoring and for finding great tweets from the schools to retweet from the district account.

Then there are my “School PR Resources” list, my list of NSPRA colleagues, my “Local Schools” list, my “News” list and my regional lists.

Having columns for these lists is just as important as having columns for notifications and direct messages, because lists help cut through the deluge of posts.

Plus, I can organize my columns so the professional ones are easily accessible and the personal ones require me to scroll. This keeps me on task when I’m working on Twitter! I’m sure none of the rest of you have this issue.

Feel free to follow any of my lists, and I welcome suggestions to round them out! My Twitter handle is @kirby310.


4 Replies to “Making Twitter Management Manageable with Lists”

  1. One of the other great options in Tweetdeck is the ability to “clear” a column after you’ve seen all the tweets or notifications listed. I admit I haven’t used this in a long time, but it is a good way of being able to clearly and quickly see when you have new notifications vs. stuff you’ve already seen.

    My most useful Twitter lists for district/school info are PTAs and Schools & School Groups/Clubs (for example, the official accounts of each school, plus any high school clubs or sports groups, each high school student grade level has their own account, etc.). These are golden channels of info and photos when we can’t be at every single district event.

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