Nextdoor: a new way to meet your neighbors

Want to invite veterans to a school celebration? Need to share information about a bond measure? Trying to reach families with preschoolers?

As newspapers decline in readership, how can we deliver school news to the 75 percent of community members who don’t have a child in school? One free solution is Nextdoor, a private social media site for folks who live in the same neighborhood.

Nextdoor now serves neighborhoods across the nation, providing a way for communities to connect on local matters, from safety concerns and lost pets to local politics and community events.

For those of us working in school PR, Nextdoor is a way to share school news with the broader community, while keeping on top of emerging issues that involve or impact schools.

To join a Nextdoor site (mine is Nextdoor Gladstone), you must register using your real name and address, and provide proof by responding to a postcard sent by mail. If you don’t live in the community where you work, register at a school address.

On Nextdoor, you can post school news and events, seek public comments on district planning efforts or post a survey. You can also request donations for your district clothes closet or food pantry, recruit volunteers, and respond to complaints or misperceptions about schools.

The site pushes out email notifications whenever new posts are added, so people need not log into the site to know your message is waiting there.

Log in regularly, and you can quickly respond to issues involving your students, such as littering in a school neighborhood, concerns about high school drivers, or positive comments about the school’s day of service or the fall play. And while you’re there, you can also connect with community partners, such as the local police chief or the local librarian.

Ready to discover the Nextdoor neighborhoods in your school district? Go meet your neighbors at

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