Managing and Monitoring Facebook Ads

This fall, we learned an important lesson in always monitoring your ads on Facebook. We have been using Facebook as part of two different ad campaigns – one to encourage our community to take the district’s annual online survey and the other to recruit quality substitute teachers.

Our entire budget was $200 for both ad campaigns. It is a relatively inexpensive way to drive traffic to a certain page or conduct an online survey.

By targeting it to individuals that were not associated with the Ritenour School District but lived within specific zip codes within our area, we were able to gain 300 responses from non-parent community members. Our department developed a strategic plan and used our website, rapid telephone system, email and postcards home with students to promote the survey to our community. In all, we received more than 1,000 responses.

The ad to recruit substitute teachers began in the second week of November. Anecdotally, we received “more calls that usual” to our human resources department seeking information to become a sub in our district.

Anyone can like, share or comment on your ad – if it is in the news feed. If you run your ad in the right hand column, commenting is not allowed. We were thrilled with the likes and shares, but the comments are tricky. And you can’t turn the comments off.

The ad does not show up on your regular business page or business news feed. Ads are located in the “Manage Ads” area of Facebook. If you do not check on them, the ads can just sit out there – quietly – with negative comments piling up that everyone will see. I am sure you agree that it is not a good thing to pay for an ad that feeds negative comments to your audience.

Luckily, we discovered any negative comments quickly and were able to delete them before too much damage was done. But we also learned an important lesson: always be sure to monitor your ads on a regular basis. During the height of your paid ad campaign, I would suggest checking in several times a day.

Viewing your ad on Facebook is simple. You can click here for more information from Facebook.

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