Giving Your Superintendent a Voice On Social Media

A growing trend across the country is for superintendents to have a presence on social media. Although this scares some, we believe it to be a great way for our superintendent to share and encourage the great things happening in our district every day. However, we didn’t want the public perception to be that he was sitting at his desk checking Facebook all day long. In addition, we didn’t want to divide our audience, where some individuals followed the district and others followed the superintendent. We wanted a consistent message and source for our community.

So we took our superintendent’s personal profile, we added a professional photo and then locked his security down. Now he uses that profile to interact with our school pages and the community. He follows all the schools and comments on the things happening in each building. It gives him the opportunity to be in front of the community but it doesn’t appear as if he is the one running the Facebook page. Here is one example of what he does:

Social Media Posts Photo Dr Rikli

I know different school districts handle their superintendent’s social media presence differently. This is was works best for our superintendent and district. That is the most important piece. Find what works best for your district. I would love to hear success stories on how other school districts handle their superintendent’s social media presence.

6 Replies to “Giving Your Superintendent a Voice On Social Media”

  1. Our superintendent, Dr. Frank Morgan, has maintained a daily blog ( since he started working in our district on July 1, 2007. Once he got comfortable using Facebook, we set up his Facebook account so that his blog posts feed into his Facebook account. Each morning around 7am, he briefly blogs about classrooms he visited or school events he attended the prior day. This has really turned into a nice record of school activities for the last 7 years. We have seen this as a very positive communication tool for our district.

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