Target Potential New Twitter Followers With This Trick

Do any of your schools run their own separate, official Twitter accounts? What about PTAs and student groups? It’s likely that the people who are interested in the schools and therefore follow those accounts would also be interested in information from the district level. But perhaps they don’t know your account exists.

The trick is that if you take the first step to follow these tweeters, many of them will get that notification and follow you back. It’s a great way to get relevant, interested followers.

Although you could use the Twitter website directly to accomplish this, I’ve come across a freemium tool called Tweepi that helps make the process faster.

Tweepi has a feature called “Follow followers” that allows you to see a list of followers for any given account.

For example, enter one of your schools’ PTA accounts. Tweepi will list all the followers of that PTA, 20 tweeters per page (you can earn the option of listing 40 per page if you send a tweet promoting Tweepi, and up to 200 per page if you purchase their premium package).

What makes this tool more efficient than just using the Twitter website is the fact that you can sort each page by whether or not someone is already following you, and also hide any users you’re already following. Further, you can easily glance at each user’s bio and location to glean whether they are truly a constituent of your district and community.

Built in to the page-by-page list are buttons, so you can easily follow each user without leaving Tweepi. If you pay for the premium package, you also have the ability to add each user to a list. Personally, I opt to go back to the Twitter website to add them to my lists.

I had already been using this method of gaining new followers, but using Tweepi rather than the Twitter website has made the process much more efficient.

Have you come across other tools that help you identify potential followers? What other methods have you used to increase your following?

5 Replies to “Target Potential New Twitter Followers With This Trick”

  1. Love learning about ways to get the most out of Twitter! Manage Flitter ( is a similar tool that has powerful search and filter engines. I have found great accounts to follow through bio searches, which also helps build my followers. It also evaluates users by a number of things (how often they tweet, how many people follow them, etc.) and has batch operations, allowing you to add multiple accounts to a list, etc, with just a few clicks. Good stuff!

  2. Kristen, I never heard of Manage Flitter and so I just gave it a try. One of the first things it showed me is recent tweets from all the people who I’m following who aren’t following back. Good opportunity to look for relevant content and retweet in hopes of them noticing and following you back. Thanks for the tip, I’ve got to look into this one more!

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