Finessing Facebook

The folks over at TrackMaven put together an infographic with some great tips on how a Facebook post can be tweaked to maximize its potential. The full “Nuts and Bolts” post has all the details, but here is an overview.

Word Power

You’re not limited to 140 characters on Facebook. Say what you need to say, confident in the knowledge that posts with 80+ words get twice as much engagement as shorter posts.

Show and Tell

Show and tell was always my favorite day at school and that may be true with Facebook users, since they engage 37 percent more with posts that have images than those that are just text.

Interact After Hours

Be sure to post when users are active…  posts published after work hours get 11 percent more interaction than those published during the workday and 29 percent more than those posted before the workday.

Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend

Even though less than 18 percent of posts are published on weekends, weekends have the most engagement, as in Sunday posts receiving 25 percent more likes, shares and comments than Wednesday posts.

Punctuation is Your Pal

Posts that pose questions receive 23% more interaction and those that employ hashtags rack up 60% more interaction. The big winner is the exclamation point! Posts using exclamation points see almost three times as much interaction!


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