Want social media success? Stop what you’re doing (literally)

It’s a new year, and with that comes resolutions and commitments to make your life better, healthier, happier. It should be no different with your social media. Often, we like to set goals and lists of what we want to start doing to get our new year off right. But, what if we thought about this differently? What if we asked ourselves, “what can I stop doing that will make using social media to meet my school communication goals easier?”

So, let’s free ourselves of a few nasty habits this year, starting with these:

  1. Same content, different platform. This could be by way of auto posting, copy and paste, or whatever. Stop doing it. Do not post your 47-word tweet to Facebook because you can. Customize it for the appropriate platform. And on that note, do not post a link on your Twitter that will drive folks to your Facebook page (unless that is your goal).
  2. Practical, but unbalanced. You’ve got great content. It’s info your parents, community or students need to know. But you’ve just posted a dozen things in the last five minutes. On one platform. Unless you are posting scores to a football game, updating about a crisis or live-tweeting an event, you should balance your content. Over-posting can drown out even your own content. Take advantage of the scheduling feature and balance your content.
  3. Ignoring engagement. Did a parent post a question or comment to your Facebook wall? Did you get mentioned in a praiseworthy (or not so nice) post on Twitter? Don’t ignore it. Good or bad, respond to it. A quick thanks, retweet or answer to a question will go a long way with your followers.
  4. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Your cover, background and bio picture are visual cues to your followers and friends. Don’t show off old, outdated photos. I keep our profile pictures the same (our logo), but use the cover/bio/background photo to feature students, teachers, programs and more. Try it!

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