How to Use Facebook’s New Call to Action Button

If you’re the Facebook fan page administrator for your school or district, you might have recently noticed a small “Create Call to Action” button that suddenly appeared at the bottom of your cover photo, next to the “Like” button.

This little feature has been rolling out on fan pages over the past couple of months. If it hasn’t appeared on your district’s Facebook page yet, it will be there shortly.

call to action 1

Here’s how it works. The Call to Action button provides you with a drop-down menu of seven choices: “Sign Up,” “Shop Now,” “Contact Us,” “Book Now,” “Use App,” “Watch Video” or “Play Game.” These options, says Facebook, will permit you to link the button you choose to “any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with a business’s goals.”

On the NSPRA Facebook page, we decided to put the Call to Action button to use recently by choosing “Book Now,” and placing a link directly to NSPRA’s registration page for the 2015 July Seminar in Nashville, the organization’s most important event each year.

call to action 2

While your district may not want to use the Call to Action button for that reason, you might want to consider the “Sign Up” option to persuade users to sign up for the District’s e-newsletter, or the “Contact Us” button to bring readers to your website contact page. “Watch Video” or “Use App” are both great options for districts that want to promote their new mobile app or their latest YouTube or Vimeo video.

If you don’t yet have this option, you can keep checking your Facebook page for the Call to Action button. If you have one, just follow these simple steps to put it to good use:

1. Go to your page’s cover photo and click on the “Create Call to Action” button at the bottom right, next to your “Like” button.
2. Choose which call to action option you’d like to use, and then provide the web address URL you’d like to link to.
3. Click “create.”

Any time you would like to delete the Call to Action or edit it, go to the button and use the drop-down to make those changes.

How have you used the new Call to Action button?


5 Replies to “How to Use Facebook’s New Call to Action Button”

  1. Thanks for the info! I hadn’t had a chance to check this out yet. What a great addition! I will be linking our district Facebook page to our brand new mobile app and our performing arts center to our online ticketing site!

  2. Thanks, Evelyn… it has appeared on one page I manage and now I’m waiting for it to appear on another. Good to know…

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