Partnering with Students and Teachers Yields Results

When we first introduced our district social media accounts, there were two basic interactions we had with students on a regular basis:

1.  Students would complain on Facebook or Twitter about the lack of a snow day, about being too hot or cold walking to school, about school lunches, etc.

2.  They would make surprisingly disparaging remarks on an otherwise normal story on our Facebook feed, which we would quickly hide.

Flash forward just a couple of years, and now we have partnered with students and faculty to provide some of our most popular and meaningful content.

It has been a relationship that has taken time to develop, and it has been helped along by a new program at our high school (we are a one-high-school district).

Thanks to a bond issue passed by our community, Ritenour High School opened a $1.25 million Media Convergence Center at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. It features 5,000 square feet of space dedicated to a radio station, video production, television studio, print news and yearbook.

The program is the combination and exploration of all aspects of media – both creation and consumption. Students learn about many forms of media communications: newspaper, radio, film, video, social networking and various new media. We are preparing students to become responsible communicators who are literate as creators and consumers of media.

Through our partnership with media convergence students and faculty, we are able to tap into different social channels to amplify our message, and they are able to do the same through our channels. All of the retweets (it helps if you give them an @ mention) and cross-posting on Facebook give our social media communications an extra boost.

Working together, we are building our social capital, through likes or followers, and facilitating new partnerships within our community. It is a mutually beneficial partnership that helps our social media efforts.

Interested in what our students are doing? You can find them on the following pages:


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