Revisit and Revamp Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is ever-changing and there are always new social media channels being introduced. This is why it is so important to revisit and revamp your social media strategy on a regular basis. By making strategic decisions based on research and your audience, you can ensure you are being efficient and effective with your time.

That was our goal. Throughout this school year, we have been meeting with our digital communications committee. The goal of this committee was to help review, research, plan and define our social media strategy moving forward.

The committee . . .

  • Researched and discussed what social media channels other districts are using, how they are using them and the demographics of each. It was really important for us to determine if the social media channel was long-term or just a fad.
  • Talked a lot about who our social media audience is. Did we want our messages focused on parents, community, kids or all of the above?
  • Surveyed our teachers to see how they are currently using social media and how they would like to use it.
  • Developed our strategy moving forward. We decided to continue using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our district app. There are several other social media channels out there that other school districts are using effectively to meet their goals. However, for our district, these four channels continue to meet our criteria. Every school district is unique, so this will look different for everyone.
  • Started tweaking our current guidelines to better meet the needs of changing social media and the needs and wants of teachers and students.

I encourage other districts to do this as well. Although it may seem daunting at times to have one more committee meeting, it has been well worth the process. The feedback and conversations we have had are invaluable. In addition, the perspectives from individuals throughout our district were helpful in defining what our staff wanted and needed.

Now that we have gone through this process, I am confident in the direction we are heading with our social media. Well . . . at least until the next social media channel comes along.

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