Don’t Get Cut Off: Create Perfect Social Media Graphics With This Template

Have you ever been browsing your Twitter or Facebook feed and come across an image with its message cut off?

Twitter and Facebook on a smartphone

If you’re creating graphics like this in order to attract people to your posts, (which is a good idea according to experts) it would be a shame and a waste of your time for part of your message to be cropped off, not to mention how unprofessional and careless it looks. Plus, to create separate images to fit each platform would take a lot of time.

Thankfully, the helpful blog Social Media Examiner figured out what dimensions and parameters you should stick to in order for one image to be perfectly cropped in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The key is to make sure any text and main imagery are within the “safe area.”

I’ve created templates that already have these measurements and guides set up, available for you to download here.

Photoshop .psd template | Fireworks .png template | JPEG template

Redesigning the graphic above using this template, here’s how the same image looks in both Facebook and Twitter:

Bonus tip: if you have graphics like these on your district’s homepage or other pages, see if you can have them sized and designed according to this template. Why? Whenever someone shares a link to your site in Facebook, it will pull the images it sees in the page and use them as part of the Facebook post. Voila — a perfectly sized graphic to accompany the link to the school district’s website.

Do you have any templates you use to make your social media posts look perfect?

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About Delaina McCormack

I am currently a Communications Specialist with Alexandria City Public Schools in the metro Washington, D.C. area. I earned a degree in graphic design from Arizona State University and immediately began working with the Tempe Union High School District and later the Tempe Elementary School District, where my team earned an NSPRA Gold Medallion. On my third day of work I was introduced to the Arizona School Public Relations Association, where great folks like Gary Aungst, Jim Cummings and many others hooked me to the world of school PR, and it's been my passion ever since. Within my role I like to specialize in digital design, email coding, social media, website content, marketing and sometimes photography. I'm an unabashed geek, social media explorer and school PR advocate.

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