Facebook Launches New Privacy Portal

Last week, Facebook launched a new Privacy Basics portal that the social media company hopes users will find friendlier and easier to understand. And because Facebook is often reinventing itself, an easy-to-understand primer on privacy will help users and administrators keep up with the changing privacy landscape.

In the new portal, you’ll find visual guides that cover topics including detecting suspicious activity on your account, setting a secure password and even identifying “trusted contacts” who can help you recover a lost password.

According to Facebook, the portal is available in 40 different languages and can be accessed from a mobile phone, desktop or tablet.

In the “What Others See About You” section, Facebook explains, among other things, how to delete posts, how likes and comments work, how tagging works and how to deactivate and delete accounts.

In the “How Others Interact With You” section, Facebook explains how to unfriend and block users, how to manage what others post on your timeline and how to manage likes and comments on your page.

Perhaps the most important section of the portal is the one called “How to Keep Your Account Secure,” where Facebook explains what to do if you think your account has been hacked, how to tell if phishing is taking place on your account and what to do if you spot spam messages.

If you’re managing Facebook fan pages, the new portal is worth checking out. You can find it here.

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