Boosting Engagement on Our District Facebook Page

My team has been working on increasing our engagement on our district Facebook page, and we’ve seen some success. Our organic post reach was 1,397 in January, and it was 3,710 in May.

Here are some things we found effective for boosting engagement:

  • Video:
    For a while, Facebook didn’t show how many views a video received, so we just embedded the YouTube link. Now that Facebook shows this data, we take advantage of the fact that videos uploaded to Facebook auto-play in users’ feeds and the site pushes them more.
  • Tagging:
    At first, I didn’t tag people I knew in our photos, but when I recently started doing this, traffic soared. I also learned that I can tag friends of friends, and this allows me to tag people in almost every photo. It helps that I’ve been in my district a long time, so I’m Facebook friends with lots of people.
  • Driving Traffic:
    In each edition of our email newsletter, we include a link to a Facebook photo album that we’ve been populating throughout the month. This brings in traffic from patrons who might not have visited our page in a while, as well as a few folks who are Facebook-phobic.

    Our research told us that our audiences, especially our internal audiences, want to see something from every school. So my team works carefully every month to make sure we have something from all 16 schools in our photo album. This is boosting our click rates from the email newsletter.

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