Modern day press clippings made easy

You may still have a photo album or four sitting around your office holding press clippings from your early days on the job; but nowadays, with online news, social media, bloggers, and more, it can be difficult to maintain a thorough collection of the news circulating about your district.

Enter Storify. Storify is an online tool used to gather, save and share online content. I relied on it first in grad school to collect online research on story topics and to monitor current stories about what I thought was a novel story idea. Now, I use it as my online press clippings album for what is actually put in print about my district.

Within Storify, you can set up feeds, or “stories,” by collecting and organizing various media from various platforms – from Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter to Getty Images, Google Plus and Flickr. You can search news feeds, images, even set up RSS feeds. You can organize by date, topic or media type – it’s all up to you. You can make your “stories” private or share them with the public. You can even share links to collections to show others all the media on a particular issue or accomplishment.

If, like me, you have Google Alerts or Talkwalker Alerts set up, you can easily enable the Storify Chrome Extensions and your press clipping file is now just a click (or share) away.

Of course, as a former journalist, I’m still fond of starting my day with the Metro section in hand. But now, I can save myself from the missed articles, inky fingerprints and tape, glue and photo books all over my office. Now I may never have to take a pair of scissors to a newspaper again!

What do you think? Do you have a way of keeping track of media reported about your district? Share your tools or tips with us!

2 Replies to “Modern day press clippings made easy”

  1. Glad to know these tools work for you. In my media work before joining a school system I found Google Alerts thanks to a friend, and I never looked back. If I weren’t able to stay up-to-date on my schools, school system, our key staff, and community news, I don’t see how I could operate effectively. I look forward to trying Storify to engage our audiences even more… thanks for this post!

    Kevin Smith, Communications, Transylvania County Schools

  2. Interesting idea. I never would have thought to use Storify for this. I did use Storify this year to compile Prom and Graduation recaps using mostly photos and tweets from students and telling the story through their eyes. It was well received by students and parents alike.

    I keep a collection of newspaper clippings (our paper doesn’t publish every story online) and a spreadsheet with a collection of online links. I have Google Alerts set, but most of the links I find through Twitter. Several media accounts, including our newspaper, graciously tag us in any links they post about the district. I retweet often as an encouragement for them to continue!

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