A little help from my friends

Social media is a great tool for making news go viral. But what if you need that to happen overnight?

Recently my ever-spontaneous superintendent decided –- at the 11th hour — to craft an op-ed piece advocating for more school funding. He wanted his message to go out statewide immediately, making a big splash in the last two weeks of our state’s legislative session.

First, I anchored the op-ed to our district website and sent it to the daily newspaper at the state capital. Then I called on a few friends!

Here are some partners who helped make the message go viral by sharing my post on Facebook, Twitter and key organization websites:
• The state NSPRA chapter (Thanks, OSPRA!)
• The state school boards association
• The state teachers’ union
• State PTA leaders
• Friends who are school advocates
• The state school business professionals association
• The state classified union
• School advocacy groups

For maximum effectiveness, include one or two photos to accompany the message, and send your partners a list of suggested hashtags appropriate to your target audiences.

How well did it work? Over the course of a week, the piece did go viral for over a week! All thanks to a little help from my friends. The next time they call me for help, I owe them big time.