Adapting Videos to Social Media

For almost a decade, video has been an important tool in my team’s communication toolbox. For the last five years, we’ve shared that video on our social media platforms, posting on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Starting with this school year, we’re adapting the way we build our video programming to fit our social media plan.

In addition to sharing the stories we tell about making a difference in students’ lives, we’re creating  “Park Hill Moment” sight-and-sound videos that give our stakeholders a glimpse into the great things happening every day in our classrooms.

We can turn these videos around quickly, which allows us to post them the day of the event, in most cases. This immediacy is important in successful social media.

We started this summer, with a “Park Hill Moment” about teachers getting externship experience in local businesses to bring back to our classrooms.

We also produced a “Park Hill Moment” with the highlights from our all-staff convocation.

These videos are already getting high numbers of views and engagement.

How have you changed your videos to fit the needs of social media?


6 Replies to “Adapting Videos to Social Media”

  1. Grab-post-and-go is something I do more and more, especially with my phone. If I have a few extra moments to spare, I’ll use Perfect Video app for iPhone. 🙂 Either way, it’s low on the effort and impressiveness scales, but it turns out extremely high engagement metrics with our followers!

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