Become a Twitter Power User and Ditch the Official Twitter App

If you’re a social media power user, you know that the most efficient way to monitor Twitter is by organizing those you follow into Twitter lists.You might also keep track of custom searches, including hashtags, via a columns-based interface like the Tweetdeck website.

I’ve noticed, however, when I’m on the go and using my phone to monitor the twittersphere, the official Twitter app just doesn’t cut it. Lists and custom searches aren’t easily accessible.

If you want to tweet smarter and have easy access to lists and custom searches, try these apps instead:

For Android:

Falcon Pro 3

Pros: This app is fast, highly customizable, and has one of the most intuitive and clean interfaces I’ve ever seen. Photos and images show up big and bright within each timeline. Swipe in from the left side of the screen for a “notification inbox” that shows you when you have new followers or interactions (retweets, favorites, mentions, etc.). Swipe from the right to edit your custom columns for lists and searches:

This app is so good, that just days ago the developer announced he was hired by Twitter. Let’s hope some of these great features are eventually integrated into the official app for both Android and iPhone.

Cons: None, except that you’ll have to purchase the app for full functionality. Falcon Pro 3 is free to try with demo lists, and a few dollars to use the full version.

For both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad):


Pros: Like its desktop browser counterpart, the free Hootsuite mobile app gives you access to both Twitter and Facebook, lets you schedule posts, and allows you to set up custom “streams,” including lists and searches:

Cons: One major downside is that tweeted images don’t show up within the streams. The new “retweet with comment” feature isn’t integrated. Also, some features (like embedding images in your tweets) are only available to those who subscribe to Hootsuite Pro.


Pros: This is also one of the very few apps that lets you set up custom columns, which Janetter calls “bookmarks”:

Cons: The new “retweet with comment” feature hasn’t been integrated yet. The ad-free Pro version is $4.99.

What Twitter app do you use? What features are most important and why? Chime in below!

2 Replies to “Become a Twitter Power User and Ditch the Official Twitter App”

  1. I use Hootsuite. You’re right–on the mobile app (iPhone) photos don’t show up in the streams (although they seem to on the “scheduled” stream) but they do display on the desktop version streams. It does make things more streamlined and efficient to use these third party apps, and Hootsuite now has access to Instagram, however, after you post or schedule in Hootsuite you get a notification from Instagram that you have to act on to finalize the post. Not sure that’s a lot more efficient.

  2. You’re right about the Twitter app being inefficient. I was ready to jump ship to the Falcon app based on your recommendation, until I saw the bit about the developer leaving. Now I’m afraid it won’t continue to be supported at the same level . . .

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