Summarizing the School Year Using Video and Social Media

Our project started off very simply, with members of our communications team asking “what would it look like if we put together a film featuring a video clip from every school day in our district?”

From there, the idea for “One Second of Every Day in the Ritenour School District” was born. The concept of the video was simple – compile at least one second of video from something happening in our district for all 180 school days. The end product turned out to be an amazing look at our entire school year in less than three minutes.

We began the process by creating a planning calendar, ensuring that we captured every facet of our district. We also wanted to showcase the beauty of each of the four seasons here in Missouri. The video also features a few scenes following the civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo. in November (Ritenour is located just a few miles away), which was something that we did not include in our plans – but ended up being a powerful part of the piece.

We officially released the video at the end of the last day of school on June 3, 2015. Our first “official” screening was to more than 100 community members during a presentation that night. We also sent the link via email and text message to our staff and families, and we included it on all of our social media channels.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response from our staff, students and community.

Our employees sent us dozens of messages. Many said they felt a deeper connection to the district.

“This video has me in tears. So moving! So beautiful! So touching!” said one of our special education teachers. “I am beginning my 29th year with the Ritenour family and could not be more proud.”

“Thank you! Wow! Your video made me cry. Beautiful!” noted another one of our teachers.

What we discovered through the process was the continued positive connection we could make with our employees, students and community through video.

The video had more than 260 likes, 62 shares and 24 positive comments from our Facebook audience of more than 4,000 people. The post reach was nearly 16,000 people. It has the most favorites and re-tweets ever on our Twitter page and received more views on YouTube than any other video we posted this school year.

14 Replies to “Summarizing the School Year Using Video and Social Media”

  1. Good stuff, East Side! Loved that you included the protest, and I think I spotted you getting some recognition in there as well . . .

    1. Thanks so much West Side! I think our team tried to get me in there as many times as possible 🙂 My wife even made an appearance as well!

  2. What great idea — and a wonderful testament to the power of video. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be slickly produced. It just has to make an emotional connection. And I’m with Marcia — that’s a huge commitment, both in filming, but also in organizing and tracking. Thoroughly impressed!

    1. Hi Chris, thank you so much. Really, there was one person who coordinated and captured 90 percent of the video – our webmaster/videographer Jenna Engstrom. But, three of us in total captured video. We would film when we were in schools working on stories or making school visits if/when Jenna needed/asked.

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