Good Stuff School PR People are Doing on Social Media

Sharing Feel-Good Stories:

Sharing Student Achievement:

Using Hashtags to Promote District Goals:

Spotlighting Students:nixa

Sharing Great Content from Schools:eudora

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About Nicole Kirby, APR

Nicole Kirby, APR is the director of communication services for the Park Hill School District in Kansas City, Mo. She is a past NSPRA vice president for the South Central region and a past MOSPRA president. She was named one of NSPRA's Learning and Liberty Legacy Leaders, and she received the NSPRA Frontrunner Award and the MOSPRA Professional of the Year Award.

2 thoughts on “Good Stuff School PR People are Doing on Social Media

  1. Nicole do you know how school districts can get verified on Facebook? I’ve tried several different ways but nothing works. It is impossible to contact a human being at Facebook. I wondered if you had any tips or tricks for this.

    • They aren’t offering it to school districts yet. I hope this comes soon — I’ll definitely post as soon as I hear about it.

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