Tune Up Your Twitter Profile

Why should you care about your Twitter profile?

This article from Social Media Week offers answers:

“Ninety-two percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising, and just 10 percent trust brands today.”

If your patrons, students and staff don’t trust you, how effective can your communications be?

Think about this – when you share content from a brand or another person, you are putting your social approval on it. When you tweet about a brand (good or bad), your followers trust your opinion and you have influence.

However, if you are making some common mistakes on your Twitter profile, you are not as effective or influential as you can be. How can you make sure your Twitter profile is putting your best foot forward? Here are three top tips:

  1. NO EGGS: This should be a given, but your profile picture on Twitter should be of you! The default egg icon indicates you are new to Twitter or just don’t care enough about your audience to upload a photo. Or worse – you are a spammer. And please do not give us a vague photo of some mystic symbol or your dog. Show us YOU; smile into the camera and share your beauty with the Twitterverse!
  2. AVOID BUZZWORDS: Your profile description should be authentic and reflect your interests at work and outside work. A profile that says “#Marketing Maven here to Accelerate Go-To-Market synergistic #strategy” is going to limit the number of followers and engagements (Re-tweets, favorites) you receive. A profile that says “Happy #SocialMedia person, wife to @someonespecial, loves hiking, believes #BigData is gonna change the world” is less buzzy and more authentic and human.
  3. WHERE ELSE ARE YOU ONLINE? Include a link to your LinkedIn profile or your blog site. Let people know you are real and have a presence online. Notice the theme? #BeHuman – bring your true self to your Twitter profile – it will make the difference.

2 Replies to “Tune Up Your Twitter Profile”

  1. Our district is starting to put together an RFP for new website. Wondering if anyone has one that they would like to share? Specifically looking to at the “wish list” to make sure we don’t miss anything that we should be requiring from a new vendor.

    Is there a forum that I can pose this question to collegues?

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