Can I Get A Like?

A Facebook or Twitter post not connected to strategy means you’re missing an opportunity. That said, why are you even on social media? What do you want to accomplish? How does the image you project online square with what’s happening IRL? And who’s even listening?

Social media gives your district’s mission an opportunity to play out online. These are answers you should know when crafting your district’s social media strategy:

Know Your Audience. Amassing new fans who can’t help you meet your goals is an exercise in futility, especially when they live hundreds of miles away.

Understand (And Reinforce) Your Brand. If your district has made a case for changing the way school is “done,” then showcase those innovations! This is your moment to tell your district’s story…over and over again!

Set Goals. Need new partners to help you reach your goals? Post to highlight existing partnerships and encourage new ones. Your social network may connect you with opportunities you never knew existed.

Protect Your Credibility. You may be headed for a #brandfail when your community doesn’t believe the claim of your district having a great _______, especially when everyone (and the data) knows it’s not. A social audience is a savvy one and will be all too happy to correct the record for you.

Celebrate! Remind your network of what you were trying to do and how you accomplished it. When you build a strong social network, your publics will share in your celebrations and share them — after all, that’s what social media is for!

As a public relations practitioner, you have a unique opportunity to guide your organization into a social media strategy that relies on more than just likes. If that’s all that’s motivating you, you’re missing out and that’s definitely a thumbs down.