In a world where OMG, LOL and IMHO have become part of the social media vernacular, and as we constantly look for that next great shortcut, IFTTT should be part of your daily routine.

By using IF ThisThen That, you can automate many tasks in order to save time and keep you better connected. IFTTT is a free service that allows you to connect many different online services so they deliver news and alerts directly to you.

By using pre-configured recipes or building your own, you can automate repetitive tasks. With more than 200 services lined up with IFTTT, it’s easy to find or construct recipes that will work for you. As an example, a recipe I built in about 30 seconds monitors Facebook, and whenever a photo is tagged with my name, the file is saved in my phone’s photos folder.

IFTTT can easily be used to take care of news alerts and new postings to your favorite blogs and sites, and it adds additional functionality to many apps you might already be using. Users publish their recipes, which are sorted by different channels.

All the details are available at ifttt.com.